Ziro Festival of Music 2016

Ziro Festival of Music 2016…September 24-28-2015

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  1. This year you can book Ziro Music Festival all inclusive trip vouchers at bookmyshow.com.
    Ziro Rush 2016 an event presented by Eventours from Guwahati in association with Book My Show.
    For updates you can visit their FB page at fb.com/ gearupfornortheastindia

  2. Shuttle Bus Service from Guwahati
    Eventours Travels LLP is operating a shuttle bus service from Guwahati Airport to Ziro during the Ziro Music Festival days. The departure date to Ziro is 21st Sept from Guwahati Airport and the departure date from Ziro is 26th Sept. Priced at 1800 INR person, one way, this is an easy mode of transportation to the festival. The Shuttle bus service can be booked over a phone call: 7086566970-71 / 8761067654 or through an email: info@eventours.in.
    Tickets & Accommodation available: 4 Nights – 12199 INR per person, 3 Nights – 10599 INR person, 2 Nights – 9199 INR Per Person
    INCLUDES: Accommodation with breakfast, Festival Tickets, Inner Line Permit
    Festival Dates 22nd – 25th Sept 2016. Tickets are valid for all four days.

  3. Ziro Music Festival 4 Day pass available at 3500 INR each. Last 8 Passes. Please contact 8761067654.
    – Eventours Travels

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