Sunspension bridge at pangin near along And Pasighat-Arunachal Pradesh

1500 feets Suspension bridge at pangin

1500 feets Suspension bridge at pangin

Suspension bridge at PANGIN

 How do you cross a suspension bridge? Just walk across it, right? In theory, yes. In practice, a very different proposition to Cross a fifteen hundred foot long cane suspension bridge at Pangin– at least in the case of the one at Pangin, 29 kms from Aalo (formerly Along) on the way to Pasighat in Arunachal Pradesh.

1500 feet suspension bridge at Pangin

Built for locals to cross over the fast flowing river Siang, just the sheer drop from the bridge to the river below can give one the creeps. When crossing it, the persistent wind drafts cause that pendulum swinging movement – something you feel only when you are actually on the bridge. What certainly doesn’t help matters is the state it is in: ground below (if you can call it that) is made of bamboo and some planks. All somehow put together but shaky in many parts. Non-existent in some. And looking like all coming apart. You don’t watch you footing and the leg could go through. No, it is unlikely you will take a plunge to the rapids below – the mesh holding it up looked sturdy – but a twisted ankle or a broken leg could well ruin your trip.
Did I get across? Yes. Surprisingly in only 7 minutes one way. Locals did much better. 3 minutes maximum. In flip-flops, not even sports shoes like me. With their backs holding up babies or loads of oranges in baskets.


sunspension bridge at pangin

sunspension bridge at pangin


Mopin: The festival of Galo Tribe

The tribes that have been thriving inside the premises of the state of Arunachal Pradesh, celebrate virtually all sorts of festivals which bears the potential to absolutely dazzle you. One of the festivals is regarded as Mopin which is confined to the individuals who belong to the tribe, Galo. The members of this tribe have established their primary thriving spot in the Gallong community that exists in the state of Arunachal Pradesh.

The primary objective that lies behind this spectacular festival called Mopin is to drive away evil spirits who bring bad luck with them and pose a lot of obstacle. The local folks pray during the festival known as Mopin in Arunachal Pradesh so that even the cursed shadow of any devastating natural calamity does not hit them and they can lead their lives peacefully and prosperously

Popir Dance


The Mopin festival is an important festival of Galo Adi tribe of Arunachal Pradesh which is celebrated in the month of lumi (April) everyyear. It is celebrated with much gaiety for wealth, good health and universal happiness. As a matter of fact, festivals are mirror of people’s culture. Such festival are celebrated at a large scale for thanking gods for their providence and for a bumper crops. During the Mopin festival ,smearing rice powder in each other faces marks the beginning of the festival and animal sacrifices are the ritual of the Mopin festival. Mithun is a very auspicious animal and used in animal sacrifice ritual.

Another feature of the Mopin festival is that a dance known as Popir is performed in a very elegant way. They dance on their best traditonal costumes and adorn themselves with multi-colored beaded ornaments. During this festival rice wine (apong) is served, prepared by the women of galo community. Variety of meals are served, made of rice which is known as Aamin, meat and bambooshoot

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